Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Chicmuse.

Today’s tribute will be to The Chicmuse. I have been following Denni’s phenomenal blog for about seven months now and sometimes I wonder what in the world I did wrong in life to not be able to have her closet. Besides being a superb stylist (she styled the BarIII for Macy’s collection back in July), Denni’s wardrobe is outrageous. She currently owns my two favorite shoes at the moment (the Prada Suede sandals and the Stella McCartney Morgana Patent Pointed Slingbacks), and the only dress I’d ever wear if I were to own it (Dolce&Gabanna F/W2011 sequined dress). Denni also is queen of the best topknot I have ever laid eyes upon.
What’s so wonderful about Denni’s blog is that she is exactly what we fashion-obsessed want to be: the quintessential Parisian fashionista. For me, she is a source of inspiration in the form of risk. While I feel like American fashion, especially Southern California fashion is somewhat safe and boring, Denni shows readers how to take risks with sequins, bold color choices, and sky-high heels. She has a tendency to take what is trending and make it every day wearable.
I recently went way back and read some of Denni’s very first postings and found myself getting excited at the prospect that I could possibly become the next Chicmuse. She started her blog the same way that most of us do, to share her love of fashion with the world and to show the influence fashion has on the world. I see Denni and her blog as an inspiration to both my current and future life and blogstyle.
Je vous remercie, Denni pour tous que vous avez, et nous continuerons à partager. Bisous d'une fan adorant.


An Ode to Cupcakes and Cashmere

I'd like to kick-start my new blogging venture by paying homage to some fellow bloggers out in this blogosphere. I mentioned in my previous post that I follow a few bloggers religiously, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of those.
Have you ever read a blog and thought to yourself, "holy crap, I think I may have just found my twin." Yea, Emily, you and I may have been separated at birth. If you are not one of Emily's nearly 46,000 followers, let me provide you with a brief introduction: Cupcakes and Cashmere is a blog about fashion, beauty, home decor, and food to name a few. Emily is one of those bloggers one can find relevant to their own lives and interests because she shares what she lives. While some fashion bloggers choose to document what's trending, Emily shares what she loves about her everyday. Following her blog, you almost feel as though you are a part of her inner-circle, one of her best friends who she shares her favorite recipes, upcoming wedding details and perfect makeup tricks with. I have found that Cupcakes and Cashmere has turned some of my days into a "What Would Emily Do?" day. 

There you have it, an ode to Cupcakes and Cashmere, to Emily Schuman. If you are reading this by some miracle, please do not think I'm crazy, I only adore your life, closet, and apartment. Oh, and your engagement ring! Give that fiancée a high five for a job well done! Thank you for sharing your life and inspiring me, and so many others to do the same. 

Guesses on who tomorrow's blogger might be? She's definitely the best Parisian out there!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Mad To Live.

I've put off beginning this blog for a while now. I've followed a few blogs religiously for the past year and have always wanted to start one and share with the world my passions: fashion, beauty and art. After much procrastination, I woke up this morning I told myself: today is the day! So I would like to welcome all of you to my life: I am Heather Bailey, a 20-something fashion enthusiast with dreams bigger than life and a mild shopping addiction. I hope some of you out there will find that you can relate to and may even be inspired by what I love. Here goes nothing!